Graduation sash for the family and friends of the graduate

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You stood by them through all the late nights. The long hours of study, the exams, the papers, the tuition worries. Now the big day is here - graduation!

You want everyone to know how proud you are and the role you played in getting them to this point. You need something special for the occasion and we have just the thing. A sash to wear that proudly proclaims "Mother of the Graduate!"

But you aren't the only one who is part of the graduation team. You need to include all the team members! No problem - just order a custom sash for each of them - father, sister, brother, BFF, uncle, aunt - you name it. The posse is in the house!

When you place your order, select the number of sashes and the color choice. In the order notes, list what the sashes should say exactly as you want them to appear.

For example:

12 sashes

Adult women:
1 - Mother of graduate
1 - Sister of graduate
3 - BFF of graduate (women)

Adult men:
2 - Husband of graduate
1 - Father of graduate
2 - Brother of graduate

1 - Niece of the graduate

Each sash is custom made from high quality felt to stay looking great. Choose the color of sash that fits the school or is just a favorite.

Sash color choices:
- White
- Black
- Maroon
- Purple
- Blue
- Red
- Green
- Orange
- Yellow
- Custom color

If you need a custom color not listed here, place your order and custom color. Then, enter your color choice in the order notes.

Words will be in white and cap in gold for all sash colors except white. White will have black writing and a gold graduation cap.

If you would like the words to be in a different color, please put that in the order notes.

Size options:

There are three sizes to choose from or you can order a custom size for a bit more.

- Adult Woman (fits up Women's large)
- Adult Man (fits up to Men's XL)
- Youth (fits up to Youth Large)
- Custom size

If you need a custom size not listed here, place your order and custom size. Then, enter your size request in the order notes.