No one is more cherished in this world that someone who lightens the burderns of another / hand-painted wood sign with vinyl letters

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For Administrative Assistant's day, I wanted to give my admin something special that really told her how I feel about her and how cherished she is.

Day after day, I can count on her to help with all the emergencies and hick-ups that come along and do it with a smile. She brightens my day and makes everythnig go smoothly.

If you have some like that, let them know with this beautiful sign. There are two font choices to suit many tastes and color choices to match any decor.

This hand painted wood sign is made from pine then sanded to smooth out the edges and stained or painted to your specifications. Finally, the vinyl letters are applied and the finish is coated to seal in the finish.

This wood decoration stands proudly on a table or the fireplace mantle. If you prefer to hang it on the wall, the large size comes with a u-ring hanger for easy wall mounting. The small size is only for setting on a level surface.

Looks great in the home or office. Choose from a variety of colors to march your decor.

Color choices:

- Black with white stenciled letters

- Kola (dark brown) with white stenciled letters 

 - White with black stenciled letters 

- Antique Gray with white stenciled letters 

- Blue with white stenciled letters 

- Custom color

If you need another color, place the order and choose custom color. Then, enter the color choice in the notes. We are happy to take custom order requests.

Dimensions: 24x5x1 inches

Each pieces is hand sanded so there is some variation in final dimensions.